RCUK Digital Economy Hub
focusing on the rural digital economy

2009 – 2015

dot.rural was the RCUK Digital Economy Hub focusing on the rural digital economy. Rural areas have specific characteristics that create challenges around issues such as quality of life and wealth creation. These include: small, often dispersed populations; narrow and uneven channels of information flow; rapid change in population structures and economic activity bases; and restricted access to digital infrastructure. The Hub worked with a wide range of user partners to realise this ambition. Innovative technology solutions were developed across a range of sectors including public transport, health, cultural heritage, and the natural environment. dot.rural was led by Peter Edwards, Professor of Computing Science (Director) and John D. Nelson, Professor of Transport Studies (Co-Director).

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Please note that this is a legacy website and is not updated regularly. For information on outcomes related to the grant visit the individual project pages or the dot.rural (Rural Digital Economy Hub) page at Gateway to Research.