Accepted Submissions

The reviewing process for Digital Futures 2012 has now concluded and the following submissions were accepted for presentation at the conference:


  • Richard Bull, Graeme Stuart, Dave Everitt and Martin Rieser.
    The Gorilla in the Library: Lessons in Using ICT to Engage Building Users in Energy Reduction
  • Peter Kindness, Chris Mellish and Judith Masthoff.
    Towards Identifying, Measuring and Affecting Stressors in a Pre-hospital Care Domain
  • Michael Crabb, Vicki L. Hanson and Andy Cobley.
    Aiding Data Gathering in Web Usability Studies
  • Michael Crabb, Vicki Hanson and Andy Cobley.
    Cognitive Usability: Using Human Factors to Influence Future Online Usability Requirements
  • Ziaul Hossain, Arjuna Sathiaseelan, Gorry Fairhurst, Leanne Townsend and Claire Wallace.
    Next Generation Satellite Broadband for Enabling Universal Service Commitment
  • Alexander V. Mantzaris and Desmond Higham.
    Do Friends-of-Friends Become Friends?
  • Chris Mellish and Nava Tintarev.
    Natural Language Generation for the Digital Economy
  • Nicole Beale and Gareth Beale.
    The Potential of Open Models for Public Archaeology
  • Jon Whittle, Erinma Ochu, Maria Angela Ferrario, Jen Southern and Ruth McNally.
    Beyond Research in the Wild: Citizen-Led Research as a Model for Innovation in the Digital Economy
  • Marianne Dee and Vicki Hanson.
    Tales of Technology
  • Lesley McIntyre and Vicki L Hanson.
    On the Drawing Board: Digital Technologies, Social Inclusion and the Built Environment.
  • Christopher Holland.
    Disruptive Digital Business Models: A Cross-Sector Analysis
  • Angela Abbott and Ranald Richardson.
    Piloting a 'Good Death' Service in Social Housing: Exploring the Potential Role of Digital Technologies
  • Cristina-Adriana Alexandru and Perdita Stevens.
    Models to Extend the Scope of Usability Testing for Telemedicine Systems
  • Nuzhah Gooda Sahib, Dena Al Thani, Anastasios Tombros and Tony Stockman.
    Accessible Information Seeking
  • Ramine Tinati, Leslie Carr, Susan Halford and Catherine Pope.
    Exploring the Impact of Adopting Open Data in the UK Government
  • Peter Laflin, Alexander V. Mantzaris, Desmond Higham, Peter Grindrod, Fiona Ainley and Amanda Otley.
    Twitter's Big Hitters
  • Dr Nagendra Velaga, Dr Kate Pangbourne and Konstantinos Papangelis.
    GNSS-based Dynamic Road User Charging System
  • Oussama Metatla, Tony Stockman and Nick Bryan-Kinns.
    Accessible Music and Sound Studios
  • Chris Baillie, Peter Edwards and Edoardo Pignotti.
    A Role for Provenance in Quality Assessment
  • Mathieu Barthet, Gyorgy Fazekas, Simon Dixon and Mark Sandler.
    Social Media Retrieval for Music Education
  • Sebastian Stein and Stephen J. McKenna.
    Towards Recognizing Food Preparation Activities in Situational Support Systems
  • Ian Dent, Tony Craig, Uwe Aickelin and Tom Rodden.
    Finding the creatures of habit; Clustering households based on their flexibility in using electricity
  • Thomas Nind, Vicki Hanson, Stephen McKenna, Ian Ricketts, Falko Sniehotta, Zhiwei Wei, Jeremy Wyatt, Lorna Gibson and Wendy Moncur.
    Health Website Quality: Towards Automated Analysis
  • Jesse Blum and Martin Flintham. Timestreams:
    Supporting Community Engagement in the Climate Change Debate
  • Liang Chen, Martin J. Kollingbaum, Timothy J. Norman and Peter Edwards.
    Risk-Aware Access Control for Electronic Health Records
  • Ruth Rettie, Tim Harries, Matthew Studley and Parisa Eslambolchilar.
    The Transformational Power of Digital Feedback
  • Charlie Hargood, Danius Michaelides, Mark Weal, Leanne Morrison and Lucy Yardley.
    Digital Interventions on and off Mobile Devices
  • Chris Speed, Maria Burke, Andrew Hudson-Smith, Angelina Karpovich, Simone O'Callaghan and Jon Rogers.
    Disrupting the Internet of Things
  • Ben Horsburgh, Susan Craw and Stewart Massie.
    Cold-Start Music Recommendation Using a Hybrid Representation
  • Yike Guo, Wu Chao, Orestis Tsinalis and Jianyong Shi.
    WikiSensing: Towards a Cloud based Sensor Informatics Platform for Digital Life in a Digital City
  • Anya Skatova, Caroline Leygue, Alexa Spence, Ben Bedwell, Eryk Walczak and Eamonn Ferguson.
    Communal Energy Displays: The Role of Emotions in Environmental Decisions
  • Timothy Norman, David Emele, Leanne Townsend, Alison Smart, Nophadol Jekjantuk, Akanimo Okure, Alice Toniolo, Jeff Pan, Katia Sycara and Claire Wallace.
    Agent and Semantic Support for Rural Enterprise
  • Konstantinos Papangelis, Nagendra Velaga, Somayajulu Sripada, Mark Beecroft, John Nelson, Jillian Anable and John Farrington.
    Real-time Passenger Information in Rural Areas During Disruptions: A Conceptual Model Development
  • Milan Markovic, Peter Edwards, David Corsar and Jeff Z. Pan.
    Provenance and Social Machines
  • Koen van Dam, Salvador Acha, Aruna Sivakumar, John Polak and Nilay Shah.
    Smart Cities Through Data, Models and Services -- A Model Exchange pPlatform
  • David Emele, Nagendra Velaga, Cheng Zeng, Nir Oren, Steve Wright, Timothy Norman and John Nelson.
    Supporting Rural Communities through Flexible Integrated Transport Services
  • Zeynep Gurguc, Tom Hoehn and Aija Leiponen.
    A Lottery Mechanism to Promote Cooperation
  • Mike Fraser, Peter Bennett, Jarrod Knibbe, Rosamund Davies, Martyn Dade-Robertson and Graeme Earl.
    Making Time: Defining Rhythms in Archaeological Research
  • Graeme Mearns and Ranald Richardson.
    The Affordances of Social Media for Inclusive Urban Communities and the Need for 'multi-scalar' Approaches
  • Stefano Padilla and Mike Chantler.
    Design Suggestions Using Similarity Information
  • Selina Ellis Gray.
    The Diversity of Mourning Practices Online
  • Gerasimos Balis.
    Local Trade - Supporting Local Economic Resilience in the Digital Age
  • Chris Burnett, Peter Edwards, Timothy Norman and Mariesha Jaffray.
    Towards a Trusted Mobile Platform for Self-Management of Chronic Illness in Rural Areas
  • Olga Fernholz.
    Innovation for Today While Innovating for Tomorrow. Perspectives on Building Ambidextrous Organisation
  • Michael Yip, Nigel Shadbolt, Thanassis Tiropanis and Craig Webber.
    The Digital Underground Economy: A Social Network Approach to Understanding Cybercrime
  • David Corsar and Peter Edwards.
    Enhancing Open Data with Provenance
  • Jacky Bourgeois, Gerd Kortuem, Janet van der Linden and Blaine Price.
    Information Interfaces for Future Residential Energy Microgeneration Services
  • Ruth Aylett, Diana Bental and Rob Stewart.
    Supporting Serendipitous Doscovery
  • James Goulding, Gavin Smith and Duncan Barrack.
    Neo-demographics and Distributions in the Digital Shadow


  • Robert Phillips, Sharon Baurley and James Tooze.
    Open Design Meets Citizen Science: How these Spaces are Occupied, Adapted and Utilised in Current Literature
  • Alan Chamberlain, Mark Davies, Andy Crabtree, Chris Greenhalgh and Tom Rodden.
    The Rural Digital Economy: The Local Market as an Arena for Digital Economic Consideration and Design
  • Tom Cherrett, Fraser McLeod, Duncan Shingleton, Nigel Davies, Chris Speed, Janet Dickinson and Sarah Norgate.
    6th Sense Transport: Visualizing Logistics Opportunities in Present and Future Time
  • Marta Pietrucin-Materek, Peter Murchie, Terry Porteous and Phil Hannaford.
    The Attitudes of Potential Recipients Towards Technology Enhanced Follow-up Care; The Views of Cancer Survivors
  • Christopher Phethean, Thanassis Tiropanis and Lisa Harris.
    Measuring the Megaphone - How are Charities Using Social Media for Marketing?
  • Arjuna Sathiaseelan, Jon Crowcroft, Murray Goulden, Christian Greiffenhagen, Richard Mortier, Gorry Fairhurst and Derek McAuley.
    PAWS: Public Access WiFi Service
  • Richard Mortier, Robert Houghton, Anya Skatova, James Goulding, Tom Lodge, Chrstian Wagner, Jon Crowcroft, Anil Madhavapeddy and Jianhua Shao.
    Becoming Dataware
  • Janet Dickinson, Viachaslau Filimonau and Chris Winstanley.
    6th Sense Transport: Visualizing Network Opportunities to Enable Fluid Tourism Destination Travel
  • Gorry Fairhurst, Rene van der Wal, Fabio Verdicchio, Sajid Nazir and Scott Newey.
    A WIreless Smartcam Environment (WiSE)
  • Oussama Metatla, Fiore M, Nick Bryan-Kinns and Tony Stockman.
    Using Low-Cost Devices to Support Non-Visual Interaction with Diagrams
  • Richard Fyson, Simon Coles and Leslie Carr.
    Dissemination through Disintermediation
  • Rebekah Dickinson, Peter Murchie and Susan Hall.
    Use of Telemedicine and Telehealth in Cancer Follow up: Findings from a Systematic Review
  • Caroline Leygue, Ben Bedwell and Guler Dogan.
    Changing Energy Use Habits Through Implementation Intentions
  • Philip Waddell, Clare Saunders and David Millard.
    Global Justice Networks and Web Technologies in Contentious Politics
  • Peter Edwards, Chris Burnett, David Corsar and Edoardo Pignotti.
    Towards an Ecosystem for Social Computation on the Web
  • Lynsey Calder, Sara Robertson and Ruth Aylett.
    Prototyping 3D Smart Textile Surfaces for Pervasive Computing Environments
  • Eleonora Oreggia, Nicholas Pinks and Andrew McPherson.
    Touch-Controlled Panoramic Video Streaming for Film Directing


  • Clare J. Hooper, Anne Preston, Madeline Balaam, Paul Seedhouse, Ashur Rafiev, Mathew Kipling, Daniel Jackson, Cuong Pham, Cassim Ladha, Karim Ladha, Thomas Plštz and Patrick Olivier.
    Task-Based Learning in an Instrumented Kitchen
  • Sarah Clinch, Thomas Kubitza, Nigel Davies and Marc Langheinrich.
    Using Mobile Devices to Personalize Pervasive Displays
  • Tim Pearce, Chris Greenhalgh and Michael Brown.
    Purview - Using Spatiotemporal Metadata To Edit Videos From Collaboratively Captured Events
  • Richard Mortier, Andrius Aucinas, Amir Chaudhry, Jon Crowcroft, Sebastian Eide, Steve Hand, Anil Madhavapeddy, Andrew Moore, Charalampos Rotsos and Narseo Vallina-Rodriguez.
    Signposts: End-to-End Networking in a World of Middleboxes
  • Dominic Price, Laura Carletti, Derek Mcauley, Steven Benford, Gabriella Giannachi, Rebecca Sinker and John Stack.
    ArtMaps: Cultural Crowd-Sourcing
  • Gorry Fairhurst, Nikhil Ninan, Trevor Barker, Nick Race and Luis Hill.
    Digital Content Distribution using the Digital Advanced Rural Testbed (DART)
  • Cassim Ladha, Daniel Jackson, Karim Ladha and Patrick Olivier.
    OpenMovement Sensor Platform
  • David Corsar, Chris Baillie, Milan Markovic, Peter Edwards, John Nelson, Dr Nagendra Velaga, Mark Beecroft, Somayajulu Sripada, Jeff Z. Pan and Konstantinos Papangelis.
    A Rural Passenger Information System Utilising Linked Data & The Crowd
  • Chukwuemeka David Emele, Nagendra R. Velaga, Cheng Zeng, Nir Oren, Steve Wright, Timothy Norman and John Nelson.
    Flexible Integrated Transport System for Rural Communities
  • Anthony Brown, Richard Mortier and Tom Rodden.
    MultiNet Usable and Secure WiFi Device Association
  • Jack Townsend, Jason Noble, Gail Taylor and Nigel Shadbolt.
    Conveying Sustainability Challenges using Open Data
  • Simon Robinson, David Frohlich, Kristen Eglinton, Matt Jones, Justin Marshall, Adam Stringer and Kristina Langhein.
    Com-Me: Community Media Toolkit
  • Edoardo Pignotti, Peter Edwards, Alan Eckhardt and Kapila Ponnamperuma.
    A Toolkit for Developing Provenance-Aware Applications
  • Mu Mu, Steven Simpson, James Brown and Craig Bojko.
    Storisphere: Let’s Make a Video Story Together
  • Paul Egglestone, Jon Rogers, David Frohlich and John Mills.
    Interactive Newsprint: Creating a New Platform for Community News
  • Stefano Padilla, Pawel Orzechowski and Mike Chantler.
    Digital Tools For The Creative Industries
  • Richard Mortier, Boriana Koleva, Rupert Meese, Shakir Ali, Steve Benford, Tony Quinn, Emily-Clare Thorn and Sharon Baurley.
    An Augmented Dining Experience Through the Use of Visual Patterns Decorating Tableware Objects
  • Chris Reed, Floris Bex, John Lawrence and Mark Snaith. 
    The Argument Analysis Wall