Flexible Integrated Transport Services

How can non-emergency patients be easily, comfortably and efficiently transported to hospital? The FITS project is looking at how match-making technology can be used in conjunction with the Grampian Health Transport Action Plan.​

The project was a core dot.rural project, followed by knowledge exchange funding involving Transport Researchers and Computing Scientists.

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Project Objectives

Review of International Experience

Rapid review of recent international experience of flexible transport services, real-time scheduling and intelligent autonomous agents

Case Study

Establish, in the context of a suitable case study, user requirements (including issues of “trust”) of key stakeholders


Specification of a platform for supporting autonomous agents acting on behalf of stakeholders to solve their individual (or collective) transport goals


Development of prototype platform


Testing of the prototype platform in selected case study area(s) with co-operation of local partners to establish validity of approach

Looking Forward

Assessment of future uptake of integrated flexible transport services in rural areas with an extended stakeholder base


Project Partners

We are working with the following partners on this project





Key Outcomes

Information about the key outcomes of the project will appear here.