Working with users

Users play an integral role in shaping our research.  This started with user participation in Agenda Setting Workshops which scoped dot.rural’s original societal challenges, and continues through user panels which ensure their contribution to ongoing review of our activities.  Users are also involved in shaping projects, through, for example participation in project advisory groups, providing access to data and support for surveys/trials.

We at dot.rural consider Impact a central part of our operations with a dedicated Impact Research Fellow, whose job it is to support individual researchers, projects and liaise with partners in order to assess the Impact of the dot.rural Digital Economy Hub.

Our Partners

We work with over 100 partner organisations – from large corporates to small community groups. Partners represented on our Hub steering committee and user panels are listed below; for details of other partners, please see individual project web pages.

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Managing seriously ill and injured patients in remote rural locations can be extremely challenging. If the MIME project can help develop robust technologies that can monitor, record and transmit our patient’s clinical parameters, this will represent a huge step forward in our management of such individuals.

Impact Acceleration (including Knowledge Exchange)

All dot.rural research is driven by real-world problems and solutions. If you are a business (large or small), charity, or government organisation there are ways we can work with you to share and transfer knowledge from the dot.rural Research Hub to help your organisation develop and grow.

dot.rural has a fund that can be used for forms of knowledge exchange (broadly defined). Where possible, activities should align with past or existing RCUK knowledge exchange models. Examples of knowledge exchange activities include people exchange (placements and secondments), public policy events and working with a company to move an innovation towards market.

Examples of current knowledge exchange projects include working with the Health Transport Action Plan (HTAP) on deploying a prototype tool for non-emergency patient transport planning, Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) on developing their SEweb interface, and working with Aberdeen City Council and the School of Education on developing a digital observatory capability.

Public Engagement

Public engagement activities are an important aspect of dot.rural’s wider impact agenda. Communicating our research to the widest possible audience (especially those living in rural communities) is a key responsibility of every dot.rural researcher. Our public engagement activities include talks in coffee shops, online activities, schools workshops, bus stop tours and much more.

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dot.rural involves users in our governance structure, acting as critical friends via the steering committee and through the various user panels. Chairs of the user panels form the Hub’s Impact Review Group, focussed on non-academic impact of Hub activities.