Knowledge Exchange

Are you interested in working with dot.rural researchers?

Download our partnerships flyer, or read more below.  There are many options available, including:

Project Activities

Our portfolio of projects all involve user organisations. These range from community groups to local and national government agencies, SMEs and larger companies. dot.rural and project teams are always interested in hearing from new knowledge exchange partners, and project web pages give contact details for project personnel or contact Prof John Nelson who takes the lead on Knowledge Exchange activities within the Hub.

Knowledge Exchange Activities

dot.rural has a fund that can be used for forms of knowledge exchange (broadly defined). Where possible, activities should align with past or existing RCUK knowledge exchange models. Examples of knowledge exchange activities include people exchange (placements and secondments), public policy events and working with a company to move an innovation towards market.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

We have partnered with the Technology Strategy Board to support Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) awards.

A KTP award funds a relationship between a company and an academic institution (dot.rural), which facilitates the transfer of knowledge, technology and skills to which the company partner currently has no access. Each KTP employs one or more recently qualified people (known as an associate) to work in the company on a project of strategic importance to the business, whilst also being supervised by an academic based at dot.rural. For more information on the KTP scheme see Details of the specific dot.rural funding criteria and application procedure are available here.

To discuss KTP opportunities with dot.rural, contact the Hub Outreach Officer – Dr Jennifer Holden or Hub Co-Director Prof John Nelson. More information can be found in the dot.rural Partnerships flyer.

Partnership Fund

We have a dedicated fund (provided by RCUK) that enables us to fund joint activities with partner organisations. These can be academic as well as non-academic partners.  Activities supported by this fund include: contributions to Research Council or Technology Strategy Board funding proposals, studentships, internships, placements/secondments, events – including sandpits. An important constraint on the use of this Fund is that there must also be a contribution from another source, however this can be an ‘in kind’ contribution.

If you have an idea that you would like to explore, contact the Hub Outreach Officer – Dr Jennifer Holden or Hub Co-Director Prof John Nelson. More information can be found in the dot.rural Partnerships flyer.

Public Engagement Activities

If you are interested in having dot.rural researchers speak to your community, school or society please email our Training & Outreach Officer (Dr Jennifer Holden) contact us using the contact form.

Other Forms of Partnership

If you have an idea for joint working between your organisation and dot.rural, please use the contact form to let us know of your interest or contact the Hub Outreach Officer – Dr Jennifer Holden.