Public Engagement

Public engagement activities are an important aspect of dot.rural's wider impact agenda. Communicating our research to the widest possible audience (especially those living in rural communities) is a key responsibility of every dot.rural researcher.

This page summarises some of our public engagement activities to date. You can also on twitter. If you are interested in having dot.rural researchers speak to your community, school or society email our Training & Outreach Officer (Dr Jennifer Holden) or contact us using the contact form. We have a tried and tested schools workshop for pupils aged 4 to 14 exposing them to current research and researchers from across the Hub.

Public Engagement Events

  • Social Media: Spying? Sentiment? Source of Data? Talks and Q&A by Jennifer Holden, Paul Gault, David Emele and Chenghua Lin, Summerhall, Edinburgh International Science Festival, April 2015
  • Scientist on the Stage, National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh International Science Festival, April 2015
  • SIRA event as part of AHRC Being Human Festival, Aberdeen, November 2014
  • ESRC Festival of Social Science talks in Aberdeen, November 2014
  • Festival Weekend, Huntly Hairst – The Food & Farming Festival, September 2014
  • Family Day, Orkney Science Festival, September 2014
  • Side Stalls of Social Media, Einstein’s Garden, Green Man Festival, August 2014
  • Digital, Countryside, Life Drop-in Demos, University of Aberdeen May Festival, May 2014
  • Satellite Internet and the Tin Hut, Gartly, part of ESRC Festival of Social Sciences, November 2013
  • Satellite Internet and the SSW, Lumsden, part of ESRC Festival of Social Sciences, November 2013
  • Interactive online map of social sciences in dot.rural projects, part of ESRC Festival of Social Sciences, November 2013 [online]
  • Blogging Birds Talk, Techfest, Aberdeen, September 2013
  • IT Badge, Beaver Colonies of the 46th Aberdeen Scout Group, February 2013
  • Dundee Science Festival Cafe Scientifique, Dundee, November 2012
  • Speed Science at the British Science Festival 2012
  • Café Scientifique in the Shire at Banchory as part of the British Science Festival 2012
  • TechFest Lunchbytes sessions by Robert Craig, Leanne Townsend and Nimbe Ewald, March 2011.
  • Café Scientifique in the Shire, Banchory, March 2011.
  • Satellites in Space, Aberdeen, March 2011.
  • Speed Science, Aberdeen, March 2011.
  • TechFest Lunchbytes session by Brian Masson (dot.rural Associate) at Portlethen Library, September 2010.
  • TechFest Lunchbytes session by Gina Maffey (dot.rural PhD student) at Satrosphere science centre (video), September 2010.
  • Two-day TechFest event held at the Beach Ballroom, Aberdeen; reaching an audience (adults and children) of ~3000, September 2010 and September 2011.
  • Four Workshops at the Duthie Park Summer Festival, July 2010.
  • Café Scientifique in the city, hosted by Prof David De Roure (Oxford), Waterstones Aberdeen, June 2010.
  • Word Festival – Hosted live ‘E=mc2’ event, May 2010.
  • National Science and Engineering Week – Tag the Stag activity as part of the Biodiversity Film Festival, Zoology, the University of Aberdeen, March 2010.
  • National Science and Engineering Week – Discovery Day: Online competition ‘myTech Challenge’ launched at Satrosphere Science Centre, March 2010.

Schools Events

  • Social Media snackbar delivered to over 120 pupils and 12 teachers at schools across Aberdeen City and Shire as part of British Science Week, March 2015
  • School visit to dot.rural Hub as part of First Lego League team preparation
  • Digital, Countryside, Life workshop delivered to over 200 pupils and 15 teachers across Aberdeen City and Shire including as part of National Science and Engineering Weeks 2014 and 2013
  • Five talks in the British Science Festival Secondary Programme 2012
  • Highlands Schools Tour, September 2011.
  • Highlands Schools Tour Challenge Competition, September 2010.
  • Highlands Schools Tour, August 2010: Lecture delivered to secondary school pupils in rural locations across the Highlands. Reached an audience of ~733 pupils in five schools in five days: Kinlochbervie, Ullapool, Gairloch, Plockton, and Portree.
schools event
schools event
schools event


  • The Application of Digital Innovationm DE2014, London, December 2014
  • Next Gen Scotland, Glasgow, June 2014
  • SICSA DEMOfest North, Aberdeen, February 2014
  • Open Digital: Digital Economy 2013, Salford, November 2013
  • Scotland’s Technology Show, Glasgow, June 2013
  • Digital Scotland, Edinburgh, May 2013.
  • Innovate, London, March 2013.
  • SICSA DEMOfest, Edinburgh, November 2012.
  • Digital Futures 2012, Aberdeen, October 2012.
  • SICSA DEMOfest, Edinburgh, November 2011.
  • Innovate, London, October 2011.
  • Black Isle Show, August 2010.
  • SICSA DEMOfest, Edinburgh, November 2009.
  • Innovate Scotland, Aviemore, October 2009.
demofest North stand
demofest 2011 stand
demofest 2012 stand

Cafe Connect July 2011

Café Connect was an initiative delivering free public science talks in remote or rural communities across Scotland. It took the well-established Café Scientifique format – where scientists deliver free, informal talks to public audiences in non-scientific venues – to a wider audience. The aim was to nurture community science events, in informal, varied and interactive settings, through the empowerment of local champions and community organisations.

10 communities. 10 Café Sci style public talks. 10 researchers. 10 days.

Cafe Connect in the sand
Rene speaking at cafe connect event
Advaith speaking at cafe connect event
Arjuna speaking at cafe connect event