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Creating a ‘Rural Boost’ to the Oxford Internet Survey 2013

For more information, please contact John Farrington.

In order to improve on past attempts to explore geographical patterns in Internet use across Britain, supported by the dot.rural Partnership fund the Oxford Internet Survey in 2013 developed a disproportionate stratified sample that boosted the number of respondents from rural areas, aged 14 years or over. By having more rural respondents than we would have from a strictly random sample, it is possible to have better, more statistically robust estimates of rural patterns, and to examine differences within rural areas. To that end, the sample was also stratified to ensure adequate numbers of respondents from deep and shallow rural areas.

You can view or download the report (in pdf format, 2.2MB).



  • Prof John Farrington, Geography
  • Dr Lorna Philip, Geography
  • Dr Caitlin Cottrill, Geography
  • Dr Pamela Abbott, Sociology
  • Dr Grant Blank, Oxford Internet Institute
  • Prof William Dutton, now at Michigan State University

Project Partners



Key Outcomes

  • The report (available online) which analysed separately the rural boost
  • Video interviews are available on YouTube following a launch event in London.


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