How can you make river water levels easily understood? wikiRivers is working to improve the communication of Scotland’s online river data by working with the users of the data and by applying digital tools.

For more information, please contact Rene van der Wal.

Project Objectives

Simplifying Hydrographs

Investigate how natural language generation can be used to provide activity tailored river level information.

Information Needs

Investigate what members of the public want to know from environmental data.

Simplifying Sensor Data

Investigate how best to describe river level changes from the sensor information available.


  • Professor Rene van der Wal (Principal Investigator), Ecology
  • Dr Yaji Sripada (Co-Investigator), Computing Science
  • Dr Xiwu Han (Research Fellow) Computing Science
  • Dr Koen Arts (Research Fellow) Ecology

Project Partners

We are working with the following partners on this project



Key Outcomes

  • The  Wikirivers survey on the SEPA river monitoring webpages received over 2000 respondents.